We think the best way to create a progressive, modern, education system in Ghana is to include the corporate sector in funding & developing our curriculums.  It is a win win for businesses and students, simply the businesses get to be introduced to young Ghanaians eager to learn, preparing them for professional life and a successful adulthood in these modern times.  Whether you are an oil company, telecommunications company, or a juice producer, let us develop an education program that highlights your business and all the in depth knowledge, history, systems, and its relationship to Ghana's development.




With the Ghana School Bag project Kokrobitey Insitute produced and distributed over 5,000 school bags to Ghana's primary school students for free. We do vocational training for Ghanaian's wanting to learn about sewing production and design. The GSB is made primarily of recycled materials such as advertising flexi, inner tubes, upholstery scraps, water bottles, pvc pipe.  The Ethical & Local Manufacturing practice is integral to the impact of this project. In the last 4 years we have partnered with corporations to put their logo on these widely distributed community focused objects to spread the good will of their brand.  



We produce custom flash cards to introduce students to specific information concerning modern businesses.  There are big lessons for children to learn about the world through professionals tackling their every tasks, the Crane Operator has a very different Role for a company than a Lawyer, and we believe these flash cards can open the door for critical thinking, progressive student development, and could inspire children to imagine their future within this new market economy.