Our Institute is located in a small fishing village 45 minutes outside of the capital of Ghana, Accra. The campus is built of local materials and is inspired by the courtyard formations of an Ashanti compound. The peaceful environment supports a sense of community conducive to thoughtful reflection and learning. However, the Institute is still easy access to the busy life of the capital and allows students to explore Ghana. Since Ghana is one of the most stable countries in Africa, studying at Kokrobitey provides a place for students to safely live and learn in a developing nation.

Our campus includes...

Residential Space : Apartment Style Rooms for up to 33 residents, limited rooms w AC. Kitchen & Dining Pavilion, programs receive 3 meals a day of wonderful international and local dishes.

Classroom Space: Come with ample group seating, white boards, drawing boards, projectors & AC

Design Showroom Space: with desks for up to 30 students, projector, wifi & AC

Organic Garden: veggie beds & chicken coop - also a place where agricultural tool prototypes are explored.

Recreation: Volleyball Pitch , Basketball Court, Lounge Areas, Reading Room.  Nearby Beaches for swimming and socializing.  Kokrobite town offers its own flavor of Ghanaian hospitality with many local restaurants, nature and swim spots.