The Kokrobitey Institute hosts professionals for residencies in an multitude of fields including Art, Design, Education, Agriculture, Culture, Health, Sustainability, Development, Creative Writing, Performance, etc. We encourage a holistic, interdisciplinary approach to development and are excited to include residents from diverse backgrounds in our discourse around sustainability. Joining us, you are joining our network of leading Ghanaian and international thinkers and doers.  

Residents should come equipped with professional experience and purpose.  We understand that every person and project is unique, we can tailor a live/work scenario to your needs, whether that means equipping you with a quiet space to write, a furniture work space w weekly production sessions with our craftspeople, or a clean design studio, we are happy to explore your needs.

At a basic level we provide personal living and working accommodations, with 3 meals a day provided.  As we tailor your Residency Program to your project needs, for example if you want to have a welding technician work with you twice a week, or you want to have weekly drumming classes, additional costs may be added.  

If you specifically want to work on a developing a product for manufacturing with us, please share your idea, quantities, deadlines, & any design/materials needs.  We would be happy to host you for a prototyping workshop to develop your ideas. 

FACILITIES INCLUDE : Glass Shop (slumping furnace, cutting, polishing), Metal (basic welding, cutting, bending), Wood(Handheld machines and hand tools), Textiles (juki sewing machines, Basket Weaving, fabric weaving and dye, like batik & mud cloth)

PERSONEL ASSISTANCE: Materials Studios (glass, wood, metal, fabric, recycling), Culture Progamming (West African dance, drumming, & cooking)

FEES: professional residencies are priced on a case by case basis.  



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Please describe your project proposal, including your facility needs, projected timing, & available dates. We review applications on a rolling basis and must be sensitive to programs already on the calendar so cannot promise we are available to host you for your exact request, but let's discuss.
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