Visiting any new culture exposes students to ideas that are invaluable to expanding their minds. A developing nation is fertile territory for creative experimentation in art and design. Studying in Ghana at Kokrobitey bestows students with an experience that would challenge them in ways a life in developing nations cannot as it will remove them from the context within which they are familiar (intellectually, culturally, and perhaps artistically for students with a Western based education and upbringing), and experience it.

The Institute offers a range of short and long-term residential programs: workshops, seminars and internships as well as semester-long programs with participating universities for a local and international community of learners. Kokrobitey creates opportunities for international groups to live and learn in a developing nation, experiencing the challenges and excitement of navigating between the worlds of the traditional cultures and that of the emerging market economy. Participants explore ways in which art, design and the environment support development through product, performance and discourse. We welcome groups that are willing to learn while sharing their expertise in community service working across our multi-disciplinary educational and development projects.

Interdisciplinary learning is key to the curricular model in development. The Kokrobitey Institute hosts residential educational programs for students in secondary, tertiary, and professional institutions. We can structure programs around our three disciplines of expertise: Education, Art/ Design, and Environmental Sustainability to create a unique educational experience. Doing work, in their respective fields of study, at the Kokrobitey Institute will also show students they are capable of applying their knowledge and artistic skills to solve real world problems in creative ways.

The Kokrobitey Institute believes travel extends one’s ability to experience culture and organizes trips to enrich the learning process. We take our study abroad trips to cultural centers in Accra and Cape Coast among other locations, depending on the discipline of each individual program. Every four days, the Institute arranges trips across Ghana to supplement students' studies.