Across Ghana, the classroom management of routines and cleanliness is a fundamental challenge in local schools. The Kokrobitey Institute works alongside Ghanaian educators to collaborate and experiment with strategies and instructional methods to support building a learning environment equipped to educate children for the life of the 21st century.  Dialogue and teacher training builds a culture of consciousness that enables educators to better utilize the resources available for their teaching efforts.  


When working with teachers throughout Ghana, it was made clear to us that teachers felt they didn't have enough materials or tools to shape their own classroom experience.  They were given a lesson plan, and whether it was working for students or not, they would push through with daily lessons.  In our Makers Workshop we aim to empower teachers to look at the natural and recycled materials in their communities to develop their own teaching materials.  Any need in the classroom is an opportunity for an educational design discovery, so we have created a series of books and lesson plans which explain step by step methods of Teaching Tool Creations.