To learn while sharing expertise in community service, working across our multi-disciplinary educational and development projects.

The Institute offers a range of short and long-term residential programs: workshops, seminars and internships as well as semester-long programs with participating universities for a local and international community of learners. Kokrobitey creates opportunities for international groups to live and learn in a developing nation, experiencing the challenges and excitement of navigating between the worlds of the traditional cultures and that of the emerging market economy. Participants explore ways in which art, design and the environment support development through product, performance and discourse. We welcome groups that are willing to learn while sharing their expertise in community service working across our multi-disciplinary educational and development projects.

Participants will live on the Kokrobitey Institute campus with expertly prepared, home-cooked meals made with fresh, local ingredients. The cuisine combines Ghanaian, West African, and continental cooking. Both vegetarian and meat-based dishes are available for each meal. The Institute happily accommodates dietary needs and considerations.

Throughout the seminar program participants will go on various field trips to schools and cultural centers, usually one every four days. We will visit the capital city of Accra, as well as the Elmina and Cape Coast slave castles, the rainforest at Kakum National Park, and colonial Jamestown. While in Accra we plan to visit the Makola market, the National Theatre, and the Arts Centre.

Please contact us at, if you are interested in participating in the Educational Seminar this July or would like to develop a seminar or workshop.