Kokrobitey Institute was proud to partner with the Beyin Oil Company to establish the Beyin Resource Center, a community foundation for literacy. We define literacy as the ability to read, write, and comprehend the written and spoken word. We also define literacy as the ability to read the world, to be equipped with the cultural knowledge that allows communities to thrive in a sustainable environment. 

The Resource Center trains teachers in transforming learning spaces, assisted by supplemental learning materials developed by Kokrobitey Institute out of recycled materials. These include printed materials, such as the "Teacher's Guide to Phonics," and "Pathfinders," a children's book that tells the story of innovation in the oil and gas industry while encouraging students to aspire toward becoming innovators themselves. The center also includes an organic garden suited toward agricultural classroom programs,  and a resourceful design center that enables the creation of sustainable products and job training for material and craft skills.  

The educational activities and skills training offered through the Resource Center combines traditional knowledge with modern resourceful design to provide value added products and services. This model of sustainability will make the village community partners in their own economic development by providing jobs and securing Beyin a special place on the tourism map of West Africa.